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    1. Welcome to the official website of Shandong Lianmei Spring Co., Ltd

      1, 1956 Zhangdian state of locomotive factory established, mainly for locomotive repair aspect of the business.

      In 1960 2, October Zhangdian locomotive factory began producing round spring, leaf spring.

      3, in 1964 June in accordance with the "Office of the Shandong Provincial Machinery military" plan, began production of "762 type" rifle with spring.

      4, in December 28, 1965 changed its name to "Zhangdian spring factory".

      5, in 1968 June in accordance with the "Office of the Shandong Provincial Machinery military" plan, began production of "650 type" anti-aircraft guns, "double 37" type of antiaircraft gun, sight protection spring.

      6 1969 October, and the city of Zibo Agricultural Research Institute jointly developed "Dongfanghong 50 tractor type" successful trial, machine all round spring by our factory production.

      7, in 1972 February in accordance with the "Zibo machinery bureau" arrangement, began to Zibo internal combustion engine factory supporting the production of "195 type" diesel engine and machine by spring, Shandong province identification.

      8 1972, November --1975 year in January in accordance with the "Office of the Shandong Provincial Machinery military" plan, began production of "four tube 14.5 anti-aircraft guns" protection of spring.

      Preparation of round spring standard organization, in 1976 9 in June to participate in the Mechanical Science Research Institute of the Ministry of machinery industry and the standard of the spring steel metallographic atlas.

      10 1978 October, hosted by the Zhangdian spring factory of the first cylindrical helical spring standards Xuanguan conference held in Zhangdian.

      11 1982 September, hosted by the Zhangdian spring factory of the third cylindrical helical springs as standard Publicizing the conference held in Zhangdian.

      12, in January 1, 1989 the establishment of the Shandong Automobile Spring Factory round spring factory.

      13, 1992 - 1994, USA from Japan, Britain, Italy, Germany and other countries to buy spring production, testing equipment 16 taiwan.

      In 1994 14, built a new plant, the installation of spring production line commissioning.

      15 1995 April, and American age automotive technology Limited by Share Ltd joint venture, set up Shandong United Automobile Spring Co., Ltd.

      16, September 23, 1998 through the ISO9001 international certification, the domestic double, having crown logo (British UKAS international standard certification mark).

      In 2000 17, August through the ISO9001:1994/QS9000:1998/VDA6.1:1998 quality system certification audit combined USA Perry Johnson quality certification company, the same year in November to obtain ISO9001/QS9000/VDA6.1 certification.

      Engine valve spring 18, December 13, 2001 Shandong United Automobile Spring Co., Ltd production by China Automobile Product Certification Center audit, get the car product certification.

      19, in 2003 December through the ISO/TS16949:2002 quality system certification.

      20 2009 December Shandong united, change of ownership, Shandong Automobile Spring Factory owns a 100% stake, a member of the board of directors change.

      21, in 2011 June through the ISO/TS16949:2009 quality system certification.